Tips to help you shipping without tripping

Coming up to nearly 10 years of trying to build people's ideas. I thought I'd try to create a simple guide to prevent things go wrong




Design Product management

The balance between three dimensions present in all product.

  • Business goal
  • Customer value
  • Risk management

Anything you should care about should fall within those 3 categories.

1 — Have an initiative or an opportunity in mind.


Definition: A single desired increment of customer value supporting at least one business goal. The good thing about the BCR is that it should be applicable at any level of thinking. From launching a completely new concept to a tiny optimisation increment. For each definition start listing questions. This exercise should be done with at least 3 people it involves post-it notes and individual work. Each questions are then added to a board under each dimension.

2 — List out all known knows and sort them in each dimension

A — Business goal

  • How much the initiative is supporting your business goal?
  • How much the initiative is supporting a core metric?
  • What is the angle ? Direct, Indirect, somehow support
  • What is the timeframe ? long term, short term, mid term
  • How soon will we know we make money?

B — Customer value

  • Is the initiative solving an existing user problem ?
  • How well executed is the initiative?
  • Compared to competitors how unique is the initiative ?
  • Are we building the overall experience?
  • Are we adding a feature?
  • Is the initiative part of a bigger initiative?
  • Is your initiative formed of smaller initiatives?

C — Risk management

  • What would make your initiative fail?
  • What would make it succeed?
  • Is the initiative supporting a current visible user behaviour?
  • How innovative is your initiative ?
  • How fast can we deliver the initiative ?
  • How disruptive is your initiative ?
  • Is the initiative part of a group of initiative ? what are they ?
  • Do you have clear data about the initiative ?

3 — List all Known unknowns and answer them.