Increasing the total reminder set

Our users rely on little nudges throughout the year to help them stay on top of their social game. I designed several experiments to increase those triggers




Case study

For this quarter the app team has 3 key results we need to smash, and total number of reminders set per user is one of them.

##Understanding Considering the existing behaviour of some of our best customers we were able to observe:

  • Most of them were using our current trigger emails based on the previous years purchase.

  • Users that have interacted with the reminder feature are more loyal.

  • Users that have reminders set convert better.


I organised a workshop with the team and we looked at how we could

If we ask for reminder at the right time user will be more likely to set a reminder

If we create a reminder and ask for confirmation user will create one

If we combine reminders in an existing form user will fill it

Setting a reminder throughout the journey is performing the best

Users have loads of calendar event we could use to create reminders