Building your own portfolio YOYOYO

A step by step guide to create your own, using copy/paste




Iterative design

A step by step guide for creating your own portfolio. If you have never coded anything, this might be a stretch, but if you now Html, CSS, this should not be too hard. I’ve self tought everuthing I know about coding and always learned the essentials for what I needed to do. So if your goal is to be able to have a webpage to push some articles/posts to it in a very easy way, then maybe give it a go. Otherwise I would recomment one the many paid for website to promote your work. Finaly if you don’t care about all of that, just create a free Behance account.


  • Install all tools
    • Install the enviroement on your Mac
    • Create a Git on your mac and on GitLab
    • Install Jekyll ( the blog platform we will use )
    • Add a theme to your Jekyll blog
    • Create the blocks needed t
  • understand the tools
  • Write your content
  • Deploy