Taking pictures of the world in unusual locations, situations, patterns or shapes.

When I'm not working I usually carry my camera around to capture the world through my own lens.

My photos are mostly in black and white with little editing.

Point de fuite

A building shot in Bangkok. The precise lines create a feeling of depth in the top right corner.

L'avenir du passé

The past and the future stacked on top of each other. Shot in London the renovation pannel aligned perfectly with the mural.

Confused lines

Bridges are always beautiful to inspect. The curves and details making a beautiful mess.

L'inconnue pointue

The tube although chlostrophobic is always a great environement of unsual elements put together.

Les Pubs

In a pub where all see us like in an aquarium.

Dumpling soup

Lanterns floating like boba in the sky

The culprit

A pigeon dominating the crowd of a restaurant kindly offering his poo.

Dark light

The moon is very difficult to capture but sometimes its worth it.

Precise lumiere

Concentric circles where the light is from

Selfish generation

A scene with so much depth I had to capture it. Food, happiness, aging, hunger, misery.