Improve Moonpig's creative tools

Improve usability, polish interactions and delivery a performant experience to our most creative users


The apps offer the best experience when it comes to personalising a card. Polishing interactions and facilitating the creation process is key to improve conversion of our card studio.


Design contributor Leading workshop, Ideation session, creating UI concepts, prototype, user test. Implement with engineers. Present and defend ideas to broader stakeholders.


Me, 1 product manager, 3 iOS dev, 3 Android dev, 1 data analyst


Iterative design Iterative design1 Iterative design3 Iterative design2

The studio is our USP and it is what has made our service so successful. It allows to quickly add personal touches to one of our 10 000+ design templates. To make sure anyone can say what they want for someones day.


As any tool ages and needs to constently improve itself, we introduced several interaction improvments to make the experience easier and faster.


Enthusiastic GiversSpend To Impress
Core need: Give her friend the perfect birthday celebrationCore need: Buy something impressive to stand out
Over Index - 16-44 and femaleSkewed more heavily to North, Midlands, Wales and EastLoving life, Caring mums (and some dads) Busy schedules Very active social life,Socially and culturally mindedCompassionateimaginative and open-mindedIn full time employment and some part timeOver Index - 16-24 & 25-34Skewed to London and maleA work-hard play-hard attitude- sets about to get the things they like, and believes strongly in sharing the ‘finer things’ with people they’re close toCompetitive, ambitious, materialistic and self confidentSeeks to wow the recipient of gifts and acquire new ways of doing things, striving to set themselves apart and reflects a positive impression of themselves.Often forgetful - due to busy lives often forgetful with buying cards and gifts – regularly need to be reminded about specific occasionsAll roads lead back to me – firm belief in moderating and looking after your image as vital component to your identity and social status.


A more realistic card interaction

Using real life metaphores, we can unlock more natural interactions and suplement typical interactions like taps with swipe and drags in order to make the product feel more real and physical.

Opening the card with a drag gesture.

In situation editing.

Apps like instagram, snapchat or canva have set new boundaries in terms of user expectation. We are slowly moving away from a clic based interaction to flowing gestures and managed behavioural uncertainty

Adjusting layout based on context

Finding the right words

Learning from our customer interviews, it was apparent that finding the right words to put in a card was sometimes the reason why people would not convert. We built an experiment and tested our assumption, that a little inspiration nudge would allow our users ( especially the spend to impress ) to write the right message and buy the card.

Adjusting layout based on context

Accessing tools easily

In the previous iteration of the text editing tools, the size, font, colours and alignement were hidden behind a FAB button floating above the keyboard. Exposing those tools increased use by 25%

old patterns (left) VS new pattern (right)
Combining all tools in one tab instead of one tab for each feature.