The human bit. Shy of 10 years of experience, my expertise is sharpened for today's competition

I’m a product designer and entrepreneur based in London. Currently battleing my way into healthcare at Zava as a Lead UX/UI designer, previously UX at Moonpig.

I have been working as a product designer for nearly 10 years and now specialised in offline/online digital products. I spend most of my time dissecting end to end journeys (Consumer facing as well as internal) of existing products, highlighting pain points and areas of improvements.

Having trained as industrial designer, looking through every steps of a processes from doodles on a napkin to mass-production planning, my experience was easily transferable to the digital tech-industry. My multiple years of entrepreneurial and freelancing projects have added critical skills and ways of working to my process allowing me to strive in most situations.

More personally, I’m passionate about new technologies and product design. I am always trying to learn something new or trying out a cool tool. As a Frenchman I’m definitely a food nerd (without the wine unfortunately). I spend most of my free time with my wife and daughters exploring the streets of London and shooting every moments of our life with my camera 📸


A list of skills and tools I believe a good designer should have. I use them as often as I can.


Empowering and guiding to viable solutions. I strive to understand my team needs, strenghs and weakness to maximise our chances to succeed.

Prospective thinking

Exploring long term opportunities and defining paths to get there. I strive to provide stakeholders with viable design increments to build robust and scalable products.

Product thinking

Unpacking problems and delivering meaningful solutions. I strive to solve the right problems offering our users the best possible experience.

Radical transparency

No unturned stones as they can hide gems. I strive to give objective and candid feedback allowing our conversation to be deep and passionate.


Creating and facilitating common grounds to observe opportunities from multiple angles. I value the different perspective that each and one of us bring to the table. Without deep collaboration solutions are often wrong

Focused empathy

Understanding our users, their mental model and the reasons behind their actions. I strive to portrait the most relevant picture of a user and maximise product relevance

Technical litteracy

The unspoken language. Allowing me to contribute at everystage of the product development cycle. From architecture discutions to pixel pushing, I strive to reach high software standards

Interface building

Balancing simplicity, aesthetic with usability and accessibility. I believe that if an interface has to be explained, then there is something wrong.

Giving back

Acknowledging that you are not here only because of yourself. Mentors, writters, coleagues and our communities contribute everyday to our growth and I believe it is our duty to give back whenever the time comes

Breaking the ice

Making the group flow! I am passionnate about making the atmosphere confortable enough so we can all contribute with confidence